Ask B: Bride vs. Babies

Dear B,

I’m getting married this year and I am so excited for my wedding! I love babies and children, but I would prefer that they do not attend my wedding and take away from my big day (or even my shower, for that matter). How can I politely tell my friends to hire a babysitter and leave the kiddos at home without offending them?
San Francisco Bride

San Francisco Bride, My Sweet,First off, a big congratulations to you and your soon to be hubby on the upcoming wedding!

The issue of bride vs. babies is common, and one that I faced myself. What we did, and what I recommend doing, is including the following on the reception card of your invitation suite: “This is An Adult Occasion.” This verbiage is a subtle way (as it’s best not to say “No Children”) to let your guests know that the evening will be adult-only. In the event someone still asks you if they can bring their little ones, you simply let them know that while you adore their precious children, the evening is adults only.

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