Ask B: When to Arrive at a Party

Dear B, 
We were invited to a “wine tasting and cheese picnic party” and we weren’t sure when we should arrive! We didn’t want to be the first people there, but it was a “tasting” and we didn’t know if they were going to be introducing the wines etc., and needed everyone there to start on time! I needed MBB’s advice!

Don’t Want To Be Tardy to the Party 

Tardy to the Party,This is an excellent question! A good rule of thumb is to arrive either on-time or within 15 minutes of the start time listed on the invitation (unless the invitation states otherwise).  So in the future, if you attend another wine tasting and cheese party that starts at 7:00 p.m., strive to arrive by 7:15 p.m. at the latest. This will ensure that you’re prompt, and even if you’re early, you can enjoy a glass of wine while you catch up with the host and/or hostess! In the event you are running behind due to circumstances beyond your control, be sure to phone the host and/or hostess to let them know.

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