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Dear B, 

I’m attending a dinner party this weekend – my first – and am so excited! I offered to bring something however the hostess said she has it covered. Is there anything else I can do to help out? I’m clueless since this is my first dinner party and need MBB’s advice!

Guessing Guest
Guessing Guest, My Pet, 
First off, I commend you on offering to bring something – what lovely manners you have! Even though the hostess declined to let you bring a dish, I’m sure she greatly appreciated your offer. That said, what you can bring is a hostess gift – a small token to show your gratitude for what I’m sure will be a fabulous evening. There are endless options when it comes to hostess gifts, and you can even tailor your gift to the time of year (e.g., a glittering Christmas ornament in December). Here are some lovely options to provide a little inspiration: 

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