It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere: Stocking The Bar (Part 1)

Greetings dear readers! I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We moved into our home two summers ago – how time flies! – and it was then that we held our first cocktail party for our families. Admittedly, I’m not a cocktail connoisseur, and so I did a bit of research to figure out must-have bar essentials. I remember ensuring all of the glassware sparkled, we had plenty of sliced lemons and limes, and of course an array of thirst-quenching beverage options. Perrier for me please! It made me realize something though – one truly needs to have a well-stocked bar year round in order to be prepared for planned and impromptu soirees. Passing my pearls of wisdom to you, here are my tips on stocking your bar, part 1. Enjoy! 
If your home has a bar, by all means use it! Bars represent the perfect space to display gorgeous barware, as well as a lovely nesting spot for liquor, wine, and spirits. Even if you don’t partake in libations, stock you bar for guests, as I’m sure you will host friends and family who might like a little drinky! In the event your home doesn’t have a built-in bar, don’t fret! The next best thing: a bar cart or well-arranged table. Charming with a vintage feel, bar carts and tables (especially Butler’s Trays) work beautifully to showcase your glasses, drinks, and mixers. As you read this, if you find yourself saying “By golly Must Bring Buns, I do need a bar cart!”, I’ve gathered some pictures to inspire. Also, take a peek at Neimans, West Elm, Restoration Hardware, and Crate & Barrel for chic bar cart and table options.

Stay tuned for part 2!

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