Wedding Attire Etiquette: Interview with Celebrity Stylist Joey Tierney

Joey Tierney

Intricate lace, tiered butter cream cakes, bouquets of peonies – yes my dear readers, it’s wedding season! One of my most cherished times of year, wedding season brings with it sparkling celebrations, the gathering of friends and families, and of course it’s very own etiquette playbook. And so, in honor of this glorious season, over the next few months I’m going to feature a sprinkling of wedding etiquette posts to help you navigate the world of nuptials!

Starting this series with style, I’m thrilled to share with you an exclusive interview with the much sought after celebrity stylist and designer, Joey Tierney. Named by WWD as “one of the stylists celebrities have on speed-dial,” Joey launched the online boutique Haute Street in 2010, and continues to style Hollywood darlings including Dianna Agron, Rose Byrne, and Kristin Bell. Read on to learn Joey’s tips on wedding-attire etiquette so you’ll be the best dressed guest!
MBB: If the wedding invitation doesn’t specify dress length, what’s a safe length to ensure you’re not under dressed?
JT: A formal knee length dress is appropriate for any occasion.
MBB: What are your top style tips when dressing for a wedding?
JT: The best style advice I can give is: 1. Don’t wear white 2. Be respectful of the bride – No sheer tops, mini skirts, or hot shorts.
MBB: Do you recommend ladies dress on trend or for their figure?
JT: Always dress for your figure but have fun with your wardrobe!
MBB: Any advice on appropriate hair styles?
JT: Hairstyles vary with the silhouette of your dress and the shape of your face so pick something to complement both. A side part with your hair down in loose curls is an on trend and timeless hairstyle!
MBB: How about make-up?
JT: Keep your make-up as natural as possible, as you don’t want to take attention away from the bride. I would generally tend to stay away from red lips.

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