Ask B: Summer Houseguest


Dear B,

I’m visiting friends this weekend at their beach house, and while I’ve purchased a host gift, I wanted to see if there’s anything else I can do to contribute to the weekend. They’ve kindly offered for me to stay with them, and so I want to make sure I show my gratitude. I’d love some MBB advice! 
Summer Houseguest
Summer houseguest, angel,
A weekend at the beach? Sign me up! You’re spot on with the host gift and I have no doubt it will be genuinely appreciated by your host and hostess. Another way to show your gratitude? When you dine out, pick up the check for a meal or two and let them know it’s your treat since they’ve so graciously hosted you for the weekend. This is an easy and considerate gesture that will go far with your hosts! Also, drop a thank you note in the mail when you get home, letting them know what a fabulous time you had. 

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