Professional Etiquette (Part 2)

TGIT dear readers! Feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed as you patiently wait for the glorious second installment? Wait no more, as I give you part 2 of professional etiquette, everything you need to know to ace the interview!

Shaking hands is all about striking a harmonious marriage between firmness and duration of time. You don’t want the handshake to be limp and quick (so unsavory!), but you also don’t want to break their hand and never let go (ouch!). Instead, strive for a medium-firm grip, and medium amount of time (2 seconds). While it may seem trivial, having a confident handshake can make or break the interview so master yours before the big day. Quick tip: Try practicing your handshake with friends and family before the interview.

The day has finally arrived! Filled with a bubbling mixture of anticipation and excitement, you count down the hours until the interview will commence. Aspiring to win them over with your exemplary personality and qualifications, follow these tips:

  • Be on time. Showing up late for an interview translates into an apathetic attitude and one that you’ll have to work hard to make up for. Have a flat tire or medical emergency preventing you from being punctual? Phone or email the interviewer to update them on your situation. 
  • Have your resume and portfolio of work out on the table and ready to give to the interviewers when they enter the room. 
  • Ask questions. The best way to familiarize yourself with new people and opportunities (professionally and socially) is to ask questions. Inquire about everything from why the interviewer enjoys working at the company, to your start date and benefits. 
  • Be confident. Confidently answer questions, and take each one as an opportunity to highlight notable attributes of your resume and experience. Show them you are the perfect person for the job! 
  • Take notes. No need to transcribe the entire interview, however write down (perhaps in the chic Graphic image notebook above!) key points. 
  • Confirm next steps. Confirm whether they will follow up with you (and when) or if you need to follow up with them regarding filling the position. 

Can you guess my tried and true recommendation for following up? A thank you you note of course! Whether on your own letterhead, chic boxed thank you cards, or email, send a thoughtful note thanking the interviewer(s) for the opportunity to meet with them, and reinforce why you would be a phenomenal fit for the job. Strive to send the note within 24 hours of the interview – this will go a long way with them!

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