Summer Reading

Who says summer reading is just for the little ones? From getting lost in a thrilling novel, to thumbing through endless pages of gorgeous photographs, books offer us a welcome escape from our everyday lives. Coffee table books in particular, continuously delight and excite me – they feature stunning images and make the perfect display piece for what else, a coffee table! However, coffee table books can also find a cozy home on a library table, book shelf, side table, etc. It’s really up to you, dear readers! 
To guide you on the quest to find truly exquisite and captivating coffee table books, I’ve gathered some of my most cherished texts (and some on my wish list!) Enjoy, darlings! 

Louis Vuitton, The Birth Of Modern Luxury 

Bird, The Definitive Visual Guide 

Glamorous Rooms 

The Houses of Veranda 
Vogue Living, Houses, Gardens, People

Windows at Bergdorf Goodman
The Hermes Scarf, History & Mystique 

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