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Dear B, 

Last weekend, my darling boyfriend invited me to meet his parents, and of course I was touched. We had decided to meet them at the restaurant, and then 15 minutes before we were supposed to meet, my boyfriend tells me we’re stopping by their house first. Sheer panic set in, as I didn’t have any sort of token for them.  I had no choice but to just bring myself (and we were only there for less than 20 minutes, a quick stop-by really) but was I remiss to not have brought flowers, etc.?

Gift-less Girlfriend

Gift-less, Darling,

How sensational you met your beau’s parents – I’m sure you charmed them beyond words and they just adored you! Here’s the 411 on meeting his family: typically, I would advise that you bring a little treasure for them (best to never show up empty handed!), be it a blossoming bouquet of white peonies, bottle of your most cherished wine, or homemade treat to show your culinary skills. However, given that the plans changed last minute, you had short notice, and zero time to coordinate a gift for them, coming just as your fabulous self was the right choice. Something to consider – you can always drop a hand-written note in the mail thanking them for hosting you, and letting them know how much you enjoying getting together. Since I predict you’ll be visiting their home again soon (just call me Miss Cleo!), I advise that you take that as a sparkling opportunity to bring a special remembrance – a la my aforementioned suggestions – and show how thoughtful and loving you truly are!

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  1. I have been in a similar situation and I sent my boyfriend’s family a little gift after I met them! They seemed very thankful and impressed with that and now I always send a little “thank you for your hospitality” gift after I see them for an extended period. That wouldn’t hurt! :))