Ask B: Neighborly Love

Dear B, 

I live in a darling little house and have great neighbors on either side of me. I’m hosting a pool party next weekend, and anticipate quite a few guests, and we’ll of course be playing music and enjoying being outdoors. Do I need to notify my neighbors that I’m having a party so they aren’t taken aback by the noise? Do I need to invite them?

Party Patty

P Squared My Pet,

A summer pool party sounds most festive! To ensure your sweet neighbors don’t have steam coming from their ears, kindly knock on their front door this week and let them know that you are having a little alfresco soiree.  Be sure to share the time-frame of the fete, and if you’re so inclined and it’s appropriate, extend an invitation to them – because who doesn’t love a fabulous pool party? Also, during the party strive to keep the volume of the music and noise to a minimum out of respect for these lovely neighbors. In the event your guests linger until the sun rises, consider dropping off some homemade muffins and a note the next morning as a peace offering. Cheers to a wonderful event and don’t forget the SPF!

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