Bridal Shower Attire Etiquette: Guest Post by Fashion Blogger Bradley Agather

Luella & June Founder/Blogger, Bradley Agather 

Hi everyone! My name is Bradley Agather and I’m the founder of the fashion blog Luella & June. I’m so excited to be guest blogging on Must Bring Buns today. In honor of Bren’s wedding etiquette series, here are my tips for bridal shower fashion, as well as some dresses to inspire you.

For the guests:
1. Steer clear of white. People seem to think that this rule only applies to the wedding day. White is reserved for the bride at all wedding-related occasions. Shower guests should assume that the bride is going to wear white (even though she may not) and opt for another color.

2. Follow the dress code. This may seem obvious and trite, but guests should always respect the dress code. The host/hostess has put a lot of time and effort into this shower and he or she chose that dress code for a reason. Guests should be mindful of that. If the dress code says “luncheon attire” or “cocktail,” then don’t show up in blue jeans (not even your dark, dressy jeans). Tip: When in doubt, dress up. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

3. It’s her day. In other words, all of the attention should be on the bride. Don’t show up in a sequin, neon green look-at-me dress. Save that dress for another time. A bridal shower is not the time to go over-the-top with your look. It’s the bride’s day to shine.

For the bride:
You don’t have to wear white. It’s your shower! You’re allowed to wear any color you choose. It’s a misconception that brides are supposed to wear white to all wedding functions. I love it when I see a bride in a shocking pink or bold blue. The best thing a bride can do is choose something that she feels most comfortable in – no matter what the color is! That said, if you want to wear white to everything, that’s okay, too!

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