Cebolla Floral Arranging Class: How To Create a Summer Arrangement

Happy Tuesday! For those of you who habitually follow my Instagram account, you may have seen that three girlfriends and I recently attended a fabulous floral arranging workshop at Cebolla. Gilt–edged from start to finish, Cebolla provided all of the trusty tools and blossoming blooms we could ever need, as well as sensational sips and snacks to tide us over as we thoughtfully worked to create our lush arrangements. Not only did I learn a tremendous amount about arranging flowers, I had such a ball! A true MBB thank you to Cebolla for the educational and entertaining class, and here’s a full how-to for the arrangement that I created. Enjoy!

What You’ll Need:
  • 1 wide-mouthed, colored low square vase (we used the signature Cebolla cube) 
  • Oasis (the green foam block that anchors the flowers)
  • Two thin dark green wires 
  • 2 mossy branches
  • 2 mini green hydrangea
  • 3 dahlias
  • 2-3 cymbidium orchids
  • 1 stem of spray roses
  • 1 stem of thistle 
  • Moss 
  • 3 bamboo sticks
  • 3 Limes
  • Shears
  • Knife 
  • 3 Water vials  

1.  First, cut the top of the oasis so it sits flush in the vase. By the end, it will be disguised by flowers and you won’t even see it.

2. Crisscross the branches on top of the oasis, making an X.

3. Ben the wires to make an upside down V, and then place the center of the V over the branches with the ends into the oasis to secure it. Do the same with the second wire, and place it over the first wire to make an X.

4. Cut the hydrangeas until the stems are about 3-4 inches long, and pull off the leaves so there are only 2 or 3. Next, insert the stems into the oasis, on opposite sides of the V of the sticks. Hydrangeas are perfectly puffy, so they should take up some serious room once implanted. 
5. Next, cut the Dalia stems so they are 3-4 inches long, and insert them into the oasis next to the hydrangea, filling in the empty spots. It’s not an exact science, you just want to ensure you’re placing the flowers so the arrangement remains proportionate. 
6. Pull the orchids from their stems, and place them in the water vials. This will help extend their little lives and stay hydrated. Be careful though, they are very delicate! Insert the vials into the oasis, implanting them on opposite sides of the arrangement to balance out the proportions. 

7.  Next, pull the roses from the stem, and insert them into the oasis throughout the arrangement in the open spaces. Similar to the orchid, place them on opposite sides of the arrangement.

8.  Now for the fabulous fruit! Cut two limes in half. Spear each half with a bamboo stick, making sure the tip doesn’t go all the way through the top (you want it to be invisible). Insert each bamboo stick into the oasis (again just finding an open spot or where you see fit) with the lime flesh facing out. *You could also insert the thistle at this point; I chose not to since my arrangement was full, but if you have room they are a great touch of texture. 
9. Finally, tuck the moss into the rim (each of the four sides) of the vase so it covers any oasis and adds some softness and rich color. 

And voila, you’ve created a sensational summer arrangement that’s sure to impress! 

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