Ask B: Flying the Friendly Skies

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Dear B, 

I recently flew to Napa for a girls weekend, and an ill-behaved child sat behind me. He played loud games and music the entire flight, kicked my seat, and made vulgar sounds. I thought about chatting with his parents to see if he could be more respectful of the other passengers, but chose to not say anything. Do you have any tips for future situations like this?

Wishing for Friendly Skies

Bless your heart for having to endure such an unpleasant journey home after what I’m sure was a sensational girls weekend – talk about un-friendly skies! For the future, if you encounter another pint-sized problem child while in-flight, if he or she is old enough to know right from wrong, then I suggest you kindly and gently address them directly saying, “Why hello there! Would you mind not kicking my seat, please?” or “Would you please use some headphones with your iPad? It’s very loud,” and just hope the little darling gets the hint. In the event this still doesn’t work, tactfully address the child’s parent or travel companion with the same polite, yet firm request. One last option, would be to chat with the stew, and see if she can intervene – sometimes that does the trick! If all else fails, pop in some headphones, watch a little sugar-spun rom-com and just pray the plane lands soon!

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