Common Courtesies


Hello dear readers! It’s no secret that I have an affinity for modern manners, and so I thought it only fitting to share some etiquette pearls of wisdom. Let me begin with a story: The other day while enjoying a bit of retail therapy (doesn’t it just always do the trick?), a gracious sales associate aided me during my shopping quest. As I paid for my purchases and signed the bill, I said, “Thanks so much! Have a great day!” and to my surprise, she responded, “No, thank you. No one has been this kind to me all day.” Truly touched that my good manners had left an impression on her, it made me realize how important common courtesies really are. Those glittering golden-rule good deeds we perform throughout the day, common courtesies mean so much to others. And so, inspired by this encounter, I give you a little list of common courtesy do’s and don’ts. Enjoy and TGIT!

  • Do say “please” and “thank you” to everyone, be it family or a lovely waiter 
  • Do send thank you notes to show your gratitude 
  • Don’t use your cell phone during meetings, mealtimes, parties, or social situations where your attention needs to be directed towards those you’re with (*unless of course there is an emergency) 
  • Do help others, whether that means assisting someone who has dropped a parcel, or simply holding the elevator door 
  • Do compliment others with genuine affection, whether saying “That dinner was delicious!” to the host or “You look gorgeous!” to the bride
  • Don’t show up to someone’s home empty handed (cocktail party, dinner party, bridal shower, etc.)
  • Do offer to help by bringing a dish or libations when attending a dinner party 
  • Do shake hands and say “Nice to see you” when meeting someone for the first time
  • Do drop off dinner to friends who are in need, whether they’ve just had a baby or are dealing with difficult circumstances
  • Don’t be late when meeting others (*no one is perfect and we are all late from time to time, but strive not to make it a habit.)
  • Do RSVP in a timely manner to events you’ve been invited to
  • Do offer your seat to others in need (mom-to-be, elderly man, etc.) 

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