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It’s no secret that I have true affection for all things stationery (just check out my Pinterest board), be it monogrammed thank you notes, handmade birthday cards, or the art of letter press – yes, yes, and yes! So when a dear family friend suggested I look into Nicely Noted, my paperie prayers had been answered! Created by Perry Nelson, former Online Editor at W magazine (and fellow Texan, y’all!) , Nicely Noted is the most ingenious concept, where each month you receive a care-package filled with a curated collection of letter press stationery and stamps. And so, I just had to interview Perry to learn all about Nicely Noted and share this sensational service with you all dear readers. Enjoy! 
How did you come up with the idea for Nicely Noted?
The idea to create Nicely Noted came to me while walking my newly-acquired puppy, Charlie. Growing up, I was an avid pen pal and collected a plethora of stationery to fuel my letter writing habit. But as an adult, my stationery bin wasn’t nearly as stocked, and I always found myself trying to squeeze in a desperate trip to the gift store for every birthday party or baby shower. I thought sending a few handpicked, letter-pressed cards each month, complete with the stamps to send them, might be just they way to get folks practicing the wonderful art of letter writing again.
What inspires you?
A diverse range of art and design inspires me, from fine art in a museum setting to architecture and product design.
What is your favorite stationery/stamp that Nicely Noted has featured thus far?
It’s hard to pick a single favorite! One discontinued stamp I wish I had stocked up on is an Edward Hopper painting of a sail boat. A few favorite cards include a birthday card by a local Austin designer, Sarah Wymer of Studio Slomo, The Lemon by Vandalia Street Press in Minnesota, The Trees by Satsuma Press in Portland, Oregon, and Thanks a Million by Wishbone Letterpress. 
How do you choose which stationery manufacturers and stamps to use?
I am always on the lookout for unique cards and designers—whether I’m scouting at the National Stationery Show in New York, browsing Etsy, or checking out what’s new at my favorite card shops. I select the cards with the seasons or holidays in mind, and I aim to find cards for that are off the beaten path. I want my subscribers to receive something truly special, and I love supporting small, independent letterpress designers and printers at the same time. I select stamps based on the design and whether the sheets are perforated so I can separate them into threes in small glassine envelopes.
Would you ever consider designing your own letterpress?
I hope to do additional custom collaborations where I work closely with a designer, but do not intend to do our own design work. Our goal is to support the community of independent designers and printers. 
Do you have any tips for young entrepreneurs?
I’ve fallen in the camp of creating something I would want or to put it another way, solving a problem I have. I think it is important to work on something you are passionate about. Caring about the product you are putting out in the world is what will keep you engaged. I would also advise people to dream big, whether that’s in looking for mentors or seeking press. It does not do you any good to think small or decide before asking that the answer will be no. I love the expression “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” 
What do you hope for in terms of the future of Nicely Noted?
My hope for Nicely Noted is that it will continue to encourage folks to send more letters and show appreciation for people in their lives. The joy of receiving a piece of mail and the delight of putting a thought on paper and sending it, are experiences I want to encourage. 

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