Ask B: Four Initial Monogram


Dear B, 

Much like you, I love a monogrammed gift, and so decided to surprise my best friend with a monogrammed tote for her birthday. She has four names and so I’m stumped on what the order of the initials would be. And do the initials need to all be the same size?

Monogram Molly 
You know me too well! Oh how I’m delighted by a gorgeous, monogram, be it bold block or ornate swirling and twirling with flourishes. Most monograms use either a single initial or three initials, but your precious pal is lucky enough to have four! To solve your customization conundrum, I have some options for you:
  • Monogram the initials in one row, all the same size, in the normal order they would appear such as: ABCD 
  • Monogram in the traditional form of first name, second first name, last name (the last name being larger), and the middle name initial: ABDC
  • Monogram the initials with the first three initials going vertical and the last initial larger right next to them, as in the lovely image above. I adore this one, as it’s so unique and clever
  • Chat with your monogram shop, and see if they can suggest a layout that you like. Often times they can help you create something spectacular
Also, take a peek at my monogram board on Pinterest for some inspiration. Good luck! 

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