Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

As a little Ms. Buns, I adored carving pumpkins with my family in celebration of the fall and this spooky holiday. A yearly ritual we children coveted, we’d carefully pick out our brightly colored orange pumpkins at the pumpkin patch and excitedly take them home for carving. Gathered around the kitchen table which of course was dressed with heaps of newspaper, we scooped out the pumpkins (giggling at the enormous mess it made!), thoughtfully carved creative designs, roasted a few delish pumpkin seeds too might I add, and filled each with a flickering candle so we could admire our hard work. Ah, memories! In the spirit of traditions and Halloween, I wanted to share some gorgeous and modern pumpkin decorating ideas so you too can dress up your jack-o’-lanterns! From sparking glitter and paint to carved calligraphy, here are my pumpkin favorites from Pinterest. Enjoy!
Pinterest via Yesterday’s Sweetheart 
Pinterest via 4men1lady
Pinterest via Sadie and Stella 
Pinterest via Style Me Pretty 

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