Tipping Etiquette

Whether indulging in rose petal infused mani/pedi or if you’ve just valeted your car, there are a bevy of instances when one needs to do a bit of tipping! I’m sure many of you can relate to this scenario which I recently experienced: you’ve just finished a fabulous dinner with the girls, the bill comes, and you all whisper to the person next to you, “How much are you tipping?” Sound familiar? Well, I, Mrs. Buns, adore finding real-life inspiration, and so of course had to blog about it! It’s so important to properly compensate a gracious person who has served you a lovely meal or helped deliver bags to your hotel room, and often times, we’re not sure how much compensation is appropriate. To take the guesswork out of tipping, I’ve created a tipping etiquette cheat sheet that makes it easy as apple pie! Enjoy!

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