Ask B: Spending Thanksgiving with Both Families

Dear B, 

Both my husband and my parents live near us, which can be a blessing and a challenge at the holidays. The two families have each requested we spend Thanksgiving with them, however we’re struggling with choosing as of course I would love to see my parents and my husband would love to see his. Any tips to please our families?



Oh how I adore Thanksgiving! A holiday to give thanks for our many blessings and indulge in a decadent Norman Rockwell worthy feast? Yes please! Your conundrum is one of many my darling, as we all have holiday traditions from our childhood yet need to establish new traditions with our significant others. To keep everyone happy (including you and your husband!) I advise the following celebration scenarios for your consideration:

*Alternate: An easy as pecan pie way to please both sets of in-laws, simply alternate Thanksgiving each year. This year spend it with your parents, the following year spend it with his, and so on. For the family you’re not celebrating with, consider having dinner with them over Thanksgiving weekend so they too can feel the holiday love.

*Best of Both Worlds: A progressive dinner of sorts, consider having turkey and the trimmings with one family and dessert with the other. This way, you’re able to see both families on Thanksgiving and enjoy two lovely meals with two lovely families.

*Come Together: A fabulous new tradition to instate, consider hosting Thanksgiving for everyone at your house. This way, you can celebrate as one collective and harmonious group. Besides, it’s the perfect opportunity to whip out your gorgeous wedding china and crystal!

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