Get Savvy with Savvy Girl

I’m beyond elated to share today’s post! I’d like to introduce you to a fabulous friend of mine, Brittany Deal. As inspiring as she is charming, this California based entrepreneur recently launched Savvy Girl, a “go-to” and trusted source for rich yet concise knowledge on the topics modern women care about – we don’t need to be experts, we just need to be savvy! Did your ears perk up a little bit?

Light, fun, and fast reads, Savvy Girl books will make you savvy on relevant subjects yet can be finished over the course of a weekend. The first guide in this sensational series is Savvy Girl: A Guide to Wine too perfect for words for those of you looking to start a girls night book club or in search of a darling hostess gift (paired with your favorite bottle of vino)! Featuring yours truly as an etiquette expert, it houses everything you need to know about wine, from how to taste, talk about, buy, and enjoy it. Attending a dinner party with a wine connoisseur and you know nothing about the grape? Not to worry, pore over this book and you’ll be as good as gorgeous gold!

Brittany has graciously offered the Savvy Girl: A Guide to Wine in it’s e-version to you, MBB readers, free of charge! Just in time for the holidays, you may also order it in print at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Now ladies, go get savvy!   

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