Compliment Etiquette

Have you ever received a lovely compliment, such as, “That’s a darling white dress!” only to find yourself replying, “Oh this? I just threw it on!” or some iteration there-of. Or perhaps you’ve given a beautiful compliment, hoping it would warm the recipient’s heart, only to have them brush it off? Just like all the other charms in life, giving and receiving compliments have their own set of precious etiquette rules and so of course I’m going to share them with you dear readers. Next time you kindly give or receive a compliment, consider these quick tips. Enjoy! 
Giving A Compliment
  • Be sincere and authentic when offering words of praise.
  • Use thoughtful details, such as “You did an amazing job with that client presentation, those statistics were very impressive.”

Receiving a Compliment 
  • A simple and genuine “thank you” or “thank you so much” paired with a smile will always show your gratitude. 
  • Elaborate if you feel so inclined, such as “Thank you for noticing the flower arrangements, I made them myself this morning!”
  • Offer a reciprocating compliment only if you truly mean it, not because you feel obligated. 

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