Ask B: Food for a Fête?


Dear B, 

I’m hosting a book club party for my girlfriends next week from 7-9pm. I was planning on just serving light appetizers and drinks, however it occurred to me that that might not be enough. Do I need to serve a full meal?

Book Club Beatrice 

Love the book club idea! In my MBB opinion, if you’re hosting a gathering – be it book club,   girl’s night, birthday party, etc. – during the dinner hour (6-8pm), protocol kindly calls for a meal to be served. Otherwise, you’re sweet guests will be like wilting roses from their hunger! A tip to help make it easy on you the hostess with the mostess: 1) Order dinner from your favorite neighborhood spot – one of my dear friends hosted a floral class recently and served the most divine lasagna and salad from our local Holy Ravioli! 2) If you’d prefer to do a little cooking, whip up one of your favorite menus for the girls, or better yet, enlist their help and make it a pizza party night where everyone creates their own pizza! Be sure to have something sweet to finish the evening. Good luck!

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