Valentine’s Day Menu

Happy Monday, dear readers! Valentine’s Day is Friday, and what better way to celebrate this day of love than with a homemade dinner. Every February 14, my husband and I indulge in broiled lobster tails and a decadent chocolate dessert, and let me tell you what a sensational treat it is. Oh so easy to make and filled with flavor, lobster tails will capture your sweetheart’s heart and have the precious cherub Cupid himself knocking on your door for a taste! And so, inspired by our tradition and all thing love, I give you the perfect Valentine’s Day menu. Enjoy!

Valentine’s Day Menu 

Ask B: Food for a Fête?


Dear B, 

I’m hosting a book club party for my girlfriends next week from 7-9pm. I was planning on just serving light appetizers and drinks, however it occurred to me that that might not be enough. Do I need to serve a full meal?

Book Club Beatrice 

Love the book club idea! In my MBB opinion, if you’re hosting a gathering – be it book club,   girl’s night, birthday party, etc. – during the dinner hour (6-8pm), protocol kindly calls for a meal to be served. Otherwise, you’re sweet guests will be like wilting roses from their hunger! A tip to help make it easy on you the hostess with the mostess: 1) Order dinner from your favorite neighborhood spot – one of my dear friends hosted a floral class recently and served the most divine lasagna and salad from our local Holy Ravioli! 2) If you’d prefer to do a little cooking, whip up one of your favorite menus for the girls, or better yet, enlist their help and make it a pizza party night where everyone creates their own pizza! Be sure to have something sweet to finish the evening. Good luck!