Wedding Guest Etiquette

Hello dear readers! Today is the first day of spring, a day filled with beautiful new blooms, balmy weather, pastels and…the beginning of wedding season! Ah wedding season, a time when I’m sure many of you will be attending blissful nuptials of friends and family, and of course enjoying a nibble or two of wedding cake. Weddings also come with their own set of etiquette, and so here are a few quick tips on how to be the perfect wedding guest. Enjoy!
  • RSVP and do so ASAP
  • If you have an “and guest,” bring a guest, and if not, come solo
  • Leave the little ones at home unless the bride and groom have invited them
  • Greet the bride and groom during the reception
  • Send a gift, even if you can’t attend
  • If the reception features a seated meal, introduce yourself to your table mates and chat with them during the dinner; also if there are place cards, kindly sit where intended by the hosts
  • Strive to be punctual and arrive at the wedding ceremony and reception on-time
  • Dress appropriately: no white, off-white, or cream or anything flashy and distracting, and graciously respect the dress-code (i.e., a black tie wedding is a fabulous opportunity to get dolled up with men wearing tuxedos and women wearing formal dresses)

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