Ask B: Tipping Catering Staff

Peter Callahan

Dear B, 

I’m hosting a large event at my home this weekend and will have a caterer and staff to serve appetizers and a seated meal. In addition to the total cost of the catering, do I need to also tip the staff?



Brilliant call on enlisting the help of a trusted caterer and staff to serve! This will make your life a breeze and enable you to focus on entertaining your gorgeous guests. As for the tipping, since the staff will be on-hand for the entire event and make it a smashing success, yes, it is appropriate (and proper etiquette) to tip them. First, double check your contract with the catering company, as it’s possible gratuity is included. In the event gratuity isn’t included, plan to tip 20% of the total bill to be evenly divided among the staff.

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