For the Love of Art

From abstract to impressionism, I adore the art form we all know as painting. What magic the trifecta of a swirling brush, blank canvas and colorful paint can create! I’m currently in search of a jewel to sit above our writing desk, and so I found some inspiration (including a blue framed agate to mix it up a bit!) I thought you might enjoy too! Do you have a favorite?

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  1. The Claire Desjardins! I love your blog. I came upon it through Instagram. I am originally from Texas (SMU undergrad!), but I’ve lived in Paris for the past 5 years. In terms of lifestyle and cooking blogs, I tend to follow Americans, as the French are rather apathetic on blogging, I find. I would love to develop a blog like yours in French and English, perhaps. In decorating my apartment, I’ve found that it’s a completely different way of shopping for objects/décor. I would love to meet you next time I am in north Texas (my family lives in Fort Worth)!
    Best wishes!