Travel Etiquette

Whether dashing home for the holidays, attending a friend’s destination wedding or jet-setting to our beloved Hawaii, we adore traveling. With the joys of visiting exotic locales though, comes the actual travel itself – i.e., flying. Sometimes flying can be a lovely experience, while other times, there can be delays, unruly passengers, and perhaps even an unpleasant stew! No matter the circumstances and as with all situations in life, strive to be on your best behavior and follow these travel etiquette tips. 
  • Take cues from your seat-mate: Your seat-mate (or you!) might love to hear a fellow passengers life’s story, or prefer to be incognito for the flight a la ear buds from take-off to landing. Either way, observe their social cues and respect them (and their personal space).
  • Mind the armrest: Let’s face it, we all want to indulge in the armrest during the flight. If you’re sitting in the aisle or window, kindly let the middle seat use the interior armrest for some of the flight
  • Sweet smelling snacks: Due to the tight quarters and recycled air, consider bringing scentless snacks on the plane so the entire cabin doesn’t smell like french fries! 
  • Patience is a virtue: From the crying baby behind you to exiting the plane, at the end of the day travel can be stressful and everyone wants a pleasant flying experience. Strive to be patient and understanding of others, including the stews. 
  • Courteous of carry-ons: Most people carry-on these days leaving little room in the overhead bins. So everyone has a spot for their luggage, aim to put one carry-on in the bin designated for your row, and one below at your feet. 
  • Enjoying entertainment: Whether you plan on listening to music or watching a movie, use your head phones so the rest of the plane isn’t disturbed. 

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