Ask B: Deciphering Wedding Dress-Code

Dear B, 

My husband and I received a beautiful wedding invitation, and have been looking forward to the big day for months. The wedding is next weekend and the invitation listed a start of 7pm, however no dress code was included. While chatting with one of the bridesmaids, it was brought to my attention that the wedding is black tie, and now I’m scrambling for an appropriate dress. I have time to find the dress so that’s not a worry anymore, however for my own edification, is it necessary to list dress code on a wedding invitation? 

Confused Catherine 
C Squared, Darling, 
How fortunate you were able to connect the dress code dots before the nuptials and choose an appropriate (and I’m sure stunning!) gown! To answer your query, yes, dress code can be included in the invitation suite, and is typically listed in the right hand corner of the reception card. Our society has become increasingly casual, and so for such special occasions as weddings, it’s oh so important to specify attire, otherwise guests won’t know what to wear or will show up more casually dressed than was desired by the blushing bride and groom. Another quick tip: if the bride and groom have a wedding website, visit the site to see if any dress code details are featured. 

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