Neighbor Etiquette

Neighbor Etiquette
Our charming next door neighbors recently popped by to drop off a little present for Baby U, and it truly touched our hearts! As I penned a thank you note to them, I thought about how fortunate we are to have such lovely neighbors, and how important it is to reciprocate by being gracious neighbors right back. Whether you’ve just moved into your fabulous new abode or you’ve lived in your beloved casa for what feels like ages, here are my MBB-approved tips for how to be a dream neighbor that will have everyone on the block singing your praises! 

  • Welcoming new neighbors: If while on a Saturday stroll you notice a darling family carrying boxes into the house next-door, when you have a chance, walk over and welcome them to the neighborhood. Consider bringing a bountiful box of blueberry muffins or homemade treat wrapped with a bow – they will be eternally grateful. 
  • Introducing yourself: If you’re the new kid on the block and have yet to meet your neighbors, within a couple days of moving in, go introduce yourself. And if you feel comfortable, exchange phone numbers so they have it in case they ever need to reach you or vice versa. 
  • Keep an eye out: If your neighbors jaunt off to the Maldives for a little R&R, keep an eye on their home while they are gone. 
  • Be respectful: If you’re planning on hosting a sensational party that will be a bit noisy, starting a renovation project with loud machines or anticipate any sort of disturbance, kindly let you neighbors know ahead of time so they aren’t caught off guard. 
  • Be friendly: If you see your neighbors while leaving in the morning for work or coming home from a delicious dinner, strive to smile, wave and say hello. It’s such a simple gesture that will be immensely appreciated! 
  • Handle issues with grace: If you have an issue with your neighbor – perhaps their precious pooch regales you with a 24-hour barking symphony or they park in your spot – first, think about the situation as well as a solution that will please both parties. When you approach them, be patient, understanding, and polite. 

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