Q&A with Juliska Co-Founder Capucine De Wulf Gooding

Love at first sight, I have been enamored with Juliska since my sparkling green eyes first spotted the exquisite line at Neiman Marcus. I felt sheer bliss when my husband and I registered for the stunning Berry & Thread collection, and three years married, I continue to cherish every precious piece that we own (and of course have an ongoing wish list, including the classically elegant Country Estate!). And so my dearest readers, I’m thrilled to share an interview with the Juliska queen-bee herself, co-founder Capucine De Wulf Gooding, as she enchants us with her secrets to inspiration, table setting tips, and a peek behind the curtain of this beloved home brand. Enjoy!

Why did you create Juliska? 
We spotted these stunning mouth blown glasses on a trip to Paris and fell in love with them – we later found that they here authentic reproductions of Bohemian glass designs from all over Europe from 16th – 18th century. We sought out the specialized Czech glassblowers and created our own designs inspired by these historic originals. After the glassware, we began creating ceramics, then flatware, lightening linens etc. We called our brand Juliska, a traditional Bohemian name, to honor the heritage of the founding glassware and reflect the essence of European style.

Where does your inspiration for collections come from?
Originally, it derived from the decorative motifs on the historic bohemian glasses. Since then, we have found inspiration in many European influences through travel, architecture, fabrics, books, color, nature and well, just good old fashion day dreaming. I love to start with a blank piece of paper and see where my pencil goes. I’ll draw dozens of iterations of the same thing and watch it evolve in various directions.

What is your favorite piece of Juliska ever made? 
This is just impossible to answer! Although I find our bohemian glassware uniquely dazzling, I am so personally involved with a our designs that I kind of think of them as children – so I love them all the same. But generally speaking, my cheeks flush with delight when I start a new project. What I love most is the newest thing! My personal taste is very eclectic so I mix all the collections together – my favorite pairings are: Country Estate and Bamboo, Pewter Stoneware and Field of Flowers, and white Berry and Thread with, well…. everything.

What are the must have Juliska entertaining pieces?
Great question! Apart from the most important foundational element of a complete set of classically beautiful white dinnerware, I feel that every everyone should invest in a fabulous set of stemmed glasses because drinking from them is such a pleasure and they elevate any occasion.

Secondly, chargers are probably the most versatile piece you can own because not only do they set an elegant foundation for your tablesetting, but they can be used as a cake plate, cheese platter, hors d’oeuvres platter etc.   Then of course, everyone needs a showstopping conversation piece.  For this I love our Country Estate Tulipiere or our Ursula Bohemian Glass Compote.

Are you working on any new designs or patterns?  
Our new white dinnerware pattern called ‘Acanthus’ will be debuting late summer in stores. It’s a very elegant and classic pattern that was inspired by the Acanthus leaf,  an architectural element that we found carved in buildings all over the world and from different time periods.

What tips do you have for setting a beautiful table?
Regardless of how you are entertaining whether it be cocktails or dinner – casual or formal – a few simple tricks always make it special. Candles. More candles. And even more candles. Fresh flowers at every opportunity – center of the table, a little bouquet in the powder room, a fresh blossom tucked into each napkin. Pick a color theme such as blue and white, as following a color theme unites everything and makes it feel sophisticated.

Any tips for mixing and matching the different collections?
You can mix and match anything as long as there is a consistent element. Such as a color that can be found in each of the pieces you mixed together or a motif such as an oriental look. You can tie it all together with your centerpiece either in the color of the flowers or the vessel you choose.

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