Ocean Inspired

The sultry summer days have finally settled in, and with it, my desire to take a little jaunt to paradise and indulge in a revitalizing dip in the sea. Of course a tropical trip is on pause until after our precious Baby U arrives, so instead of swimming in the ocean this summer, my wardrobe will be inspired by it. I found this breathtaking picture on Pinterest, and was instantly captivated by the vast rainbow of blues, from turquoise to lapis to cornflower. And so, inspired by this cool summery palette, I created a collage of fabulous blue hued fashions. Enjoy!

Fresh Summer Supper Menu

We hosted a dinner party over the weekend, and let me just say I truly cherish the ritual of preparing for such an occasion! From thoughtfully planning a fabulous menu, to setting the table (I used Juliska dinnerware and napkin rings and Williams-Sonoma napkins and placemats), to arranging beautiful blooms, I take tremendous pride in creating a special evening that guests will remember. Now, back to the menu! For this dinner party, I decided to take advantage of the delicious summer produce  – ripe heirloom tomatoes, sweet corn, crisp asparagus, succulent strawberries – and oh how we cleaned our plates! Fresh, vibrant, and bursting with flavor, the colorful courses perfectly complemented each other and I can’t wait to replicate this menu again soon. Also, keep an eye out for a “How to Host a Dinner Party” post later this week, where I will share my tips and tricks. Enjoy!

Fresh Summer Supper
Fresh Summer Supper Menu
  1. Fresh Summer Supper Menu

Ask B: Under the weather

Dear B, 

I’m supposed to go on a trip to the beach with my new boyfriend this weekend, however I’m sick. I just started antibiotics, so I’m optimistic I’ll be recovered soon. I don’t want to ruin our plans or disappoint my boyfriend (I told him I have allergies, he doesn’t know I’m sick), however is it ok to still go on the trip and not mention the cold?

Sickly Samantha

My precious patient,

I’m so sorry to hear you are under the weather and hope you feel better soon! This is a tough predicament, as I”m sure you’ve been looking forward to a romantic vacay, however my darling, it’s also not very considerate to expose your beau to an illness without him even knowing. Additionally, you’re running the risk of him catching the cold (achoo!) and being sick on the trip, and that would be such a shame for both of you. Honesty is the best policy, so I advise that you tell him about the cold ASAP, and that you would love to still go on the trip, however also understand if he would prefer to reschedule until you’re back to your healthy self. Essentially, let him decide instead of deciding for him and hiding a pharmacy and endless tissues in your beach bag. Think of it this way – etiquette  revolves around being thoughtful and making others feel comfortable, so by being upfront, you’re showing consideration for his well being and health, and he will be so appreciative of that.