Ask B: First or Last Initial Monogram?

Dear B, 

I have a first name and last name, and no middle name which makes monogramming challenging at times since I can’t do the traditional three-initial monogram. I’m having some cocktail napkins and towels monogrammed, and want to use just one initial in an intricate script font, however do I use my first initial (A) or my last initial (H)?


Monogrammed Challenged, aka AH, 
I am delighted that you asked this question, as you are not the first person to inquire about monogramming etiquette! Since you don’t have a middle name, when you monogram, do rest assured that you can also use your perfectly paired initials together – AH – in a gorgeous font and it will look beautiful. As for using a single initial, tradition calls for use of the last initial, so I recommend you monogram your cocktail napkins and towels with “H.” Happy monogramming! 

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