Ask B: Get Well Wishes

Dear B,

My boss recently had shoulder surgery and will be out of the office for a while. I want to respect her space during recovery, however would also like to let her know I’m thinking of her. Any suggestions?

Well Intentioned 
Your oh so kind heart is in the right place! Anytime someone has surgery or is recovering from an illness, support from family, friends, and colleagues is always welcome and much appreciated. As for what you can do to brighten your boss’ day, I have two suggestions:
  1. Pop a fabulous “Get Well” card in the mail (I love Papyrus or Rifle Paper cards). 
  2. Consider sending beautiful blooms from a local florist (or arranging them yourself if you have a green thumb!), or perhaps baking a delectable homemade goody and dropping it off (call before you stop by, and you could also leave it on the porch if she isn’t accepting visitors). I recently whipped up a batch of Barefoot Contessa’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake Muffins as a get-well treat for someone, and they were a tremendous hit. To add an extra special touch, package the baked treat in a little pastry box or in cello, and secure it with a fabulous bow and gift tag with a heartfelt message from you. 

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