Ask B: Cooking for a Crowd

Caitlin McGauley

Dear B, 

My husband and I have recently chosen to eliminate gluten and dairy from our diet in an effort to eat healthier. We are hosting my family for Thanksgiving this year and while we’re excited about cooking, none of them follow our new diet so we’re not sure what to prepare that we can all enjoy. Would it be rude to cook dishes that adheres to our new diet, even though my family eats gluten and dairy?

Dietary Dilemma 

Dietary Dilemma,Let me just say I commend you for the willpower you have to adhere to this diet – good for you and wishing you success in quest for good health! To keep everyone happy and thankful this Thanksgiving, I advise that you create a a variety of dishes to please everyone’s palates, as it’s considerate to take into account your guest’s preferences as well since they are not on this diet (*if you had a severe food allergy, then I would advise you prepare food that eliminates anything you’re allergic too). Since your family doesn’t have any eating restrictions, I’m guessing they will want to indulge in a bit of butter and stuffing next week and by golly let them do so! So here’s what you do – since you can all eat turkey, prepare a gorgeous golden bird, and then whip up a variety of side dishes that are traditional as well as those that align with your diet, and that way everyone is happy and well-fed. Side dish considerations: mashed potatoes (for your fam), roasted butternut squash (for you and your hubby), stuffing (for your fam), sautéed haricot verts (for everyone), etc. As for dessert, consider two options, such as a decadent pecan pie for the fam, and then a gluten, dairy free treat for you, your hubby, and anyone else who is so inclined. Happy Thanksgiving!

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