Ask B: Hostess Gifts for Multiple Hostesses?

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Dear B, 

I have a question that I’m hoping you’ll have the answer to. I was invited to attend a bridal shower in mid-November, and it is being co-hosted. The shower is taking place at one of the host’s homes. Is it proper to bring a hostess gift? Do I bring one for each girl since it is co-hosted or just something for the girl who’s home we will be in? I’ve never met the hosts but believe they are in their 20’s and 30’s. Thank you so much in advance!
Guessing Guest 

This is a fabulous question (one I once had myself) and is addressed in the book that I co-authored, Savvy Girl: A Guide to Etiquette, that launches this month. As you know from loyally reading MBB, I always advocate hostess gifts as well as the mantra of never showing up empty handed, however this my dear is an exception. Hostess gifts for showers with multiple hostesses – be it a bridal shower or baby shower – are more of a “nice-do” than a “must-do.” In other words, you can absolutely tote along a gorgeous hostess gift for the girl who is so graciously hosting the shower at her home, or for all of the hospitable hostesses if you are so inclined, however it is not required, especially since there are multiple hostesses (I once attended a shower with 10 hostesses!). Now, if you were the blushing bride, aka the guest of honor, then you would need to provide beautiful gifts for each of the hostesses who generously gave you the shower.

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