Cheers! Office Holiday Party Etiquette

Ah, the office holiday party! Some adore this time-honored workplace tradition (velvety egg-nog and tacky Christmas sweaters, anyone?) while others cringe at the thought of socializing with their beloved (or not so beloved!) boss and watching colleagues guzzle mulled wine. Having spent six fabulous years in PR prior to launching MBB, I’ve attended my fair share of office holiday parties and learned the do’s and don’ts of proper protocol. To help you survive this year’s office holiday party, here are a few MBB-approved suggestions to keep in mind. Enjoy! 
  • Be punctual: Whether you plan on staying for a quick drink or for the entire fabulous function, strive to be on time out of respect to the host and company. 
  • Be a gracious guest: When attending a celebratory soiree, especially with colleagues and supervisors, it’s paramount to be on your best behavior – i.e., bringing a hostess gift if the party is at someone’s home, limiting your cocktails, etc. Brush up on how to be a gracious guest by reading this post. Also, double check that significant others are included before you bring your love. 
  • Be conversational: You may relish gabbing with your colleagues or prefer to keep business and pleasure separate – either way, strive to make conversation with them at the party. Chat about their holiday plans, inquire about any recent trips the’ve taken, and aim to keep it jovial and light. Here are a few tips on how to be an outstanding conversationalist. 
  • Be appropriately dressed: Don’t you just adore chic holiday attire? Rich velvets, sparkling sequin embellishments, cozy cashmere – the list goes on and on. When choosing your ensemble for the office holiday party, of course let it be festive (it is the holidays after all!), just make sure it’s tasteful. Here are three beautiful options to consider:
  • Be mindful of your cocktails: As mentioned above dear readers, part of being a gracious guest is enjoying a libation or two at the party, however also being mindful of when to enjoy a sparkling water. Have fun, just make sure you’re not over served. Think of it this way – do you want your supervisor to witness you downing peppermint schnapps in between signing “All I want for Christmas” while dancing under mistletoe? I’m guessing no!
  • Be helpful: If the party is held at someone’s home, offer to bring a bottle of wine, sweet or savory dish, or ask if you can help in anyway. Even if the host or hostess turns you down, they will appreciate the offer.

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