Host Like a Pro This Holiday Season

How to Host Thanksgiving, How to Host Christmas
Dear readers, can you even believe Thanksgiving is the week after next? This year has zipped by faster than a sale at Neimans, and how exciting we have finally reached the glorious holiday season! As the cool winter weather kisses the tip of your nose and the leaves continue to fall, are you just counting down the days until you can impress family and friends with your gorgeous hostess skills? Or are you on the other end of the spectrum, nibbling at your manicured nails just thinking how you will pull-off hostessing Christmas Eve dinner? No matter if you’re akin to the marvelous Martha Stewart or consider yourself more of a neophyte in all things domestic, I’ve created a quick and straightforward hostess checklist to make your life as easy as pie, and help you host like a boss this holiday season. Also, take a peek at a Thanksgiving tablescape I created, as well as cooking essentials for additional inspiration, compliments of me, Mrs. Buns. Enjoy!

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