It’s Here! Savvy Girl: A Guide to Etiquette

Dearest readers, Christmas has come early this year! I’m beyond thrilled (cue the ear to ear smile!) to announce the official launch of the book I co-authored with the Savvy Girl herself (the most amazing book partner!) Brittany Deal, “Savvy Girl: A Guide to Etiquette”. We spent nearly a year dedicating our lives to this precious book, writing thoughtful suggestions, and sharing colorful stories and pearls of wisdom on all things modern manners.

So what can you expect from this marvelous must-read? “Savvy Girl: A Guide to Etiquette” gets straight to what you really want to know about modern manners: what to say when a friend loses a loved one, how to take a compliment, whether or not it’s OK to say thank you over a text message, and how to always have the class to get invited back.

As you know, I am truly passionate about etiquette and helping others shine as their best selves, and I must admit it is a true “pinch me moment” to have accomplished co-authoring a book – what an incredible experience that I am forever grateful for. I hope that you will enjoy reading “Savvy Girl: A Guide to Etiquette” as much as we enjoyed writing it! Click here to visit the Amazon page where you can order a copy for yourself, and perhaps family and friends, as it would make a fabulous holiday hostess gift or stocking stuffer (it can be downloaded to your Kindle or printed in color or B&W). Cheers to getting savvy about modern etiquette!

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