Stylish Dinning with Monogrammed Linens

Julia B
Leotine Linens
Mark & Graham
We are in need of some beautiful new monogrammed dinner napkins (next to stationery, monogrammed linens are my vice!), and so I have been on the hunt for the perfect linen and design. Why do I have such a love affair with linens you ask? Simply stated, monogrammed napkins provide a tasteful opportunity for creative freedom and add a personal touch to any occasion, be it a formal dinner or cozy Saturday morning breakfast. Every night, I take such pleasure setting our table with gorgeous placemats, and of course stunning matching linens and napkin rings – it doesn’t have to be a holiday to create an elegant tablescape! I tend to gravitate towards white napkins with a either blue or green monogram, and am quite taken with the elaborate monograms created by Lettermade and Sferra. Which one is your favorite? Cheers to a fabulous week!

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