Ask B: A Woman’s Right to Shoes

Dear B, 
I’ve recently been invited to a holiday party at a good friend’s home and the invitation requests “holiday cocktail attire,” but also notes, “shoes at the door.” Of course I’m excited for the party, and even bought a gorgeous new dress for the season that I was planning on wearing with pretty heels – the perfect holiday ensemble. But now, I don’t know what to wear. I never wear flats with cocktail dresses and am worried that I won’t feel nearly as festive if I’m in a cocktail dress barefoot, and I definitely do not see myself in Christmas tree socks. Also, I saw what happened to Carrie Bradshaw when she took her shoes off at a baby shower…I don’t want that to happen to me. Help! 
Freezing Tootsies 

This is a fabulous question and too funny that you reference Sex & The City and Carrie’s silver Manolos going missing – you read my mind as I thought of that iconic episode when I read your email! So here is my advice: thankfully the host/hostess had the courtesy (and decency!) to notify you in advance of their no shoe policy (few people enjoy a surprise like this one during the holidays!). Since they have this policy – I know it’s oh so hard to be barefoot at a party when all you want to do is sparkle in your stilettos! – it’s best to respect the host/hostess’s wishes and let your tootsies be free. Plus, all of the other guests will be sans shoes, so you will be in good company. I advise you still wear your stunning holiday dress and treat yourself to a rejuvenating pedicure so your toes are party ready. Still wear heels (even though you’ll have to leave them at the door), however consider wearing a pair that in the very rare event went missing, you wouldn’t be devastated. And if you’re frantic at the thought of someone nabbing your heels, consider bringing a little shoe bag labeled with your name to stash them in at the soirée. Happy holidays!


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