Wrapper’s Delight

A lover of beautiful presentation, I have always believed gorgeous wrapping makes a gift that much more special. Perhaps this belief is something I inherited from my grandmother, as I fondly remember watching her open presents at Christmas or on her birthday, and she treated each gift like a priceless treasure. She would thoughtfully admire the colorful paper and satiny ribbon, and then delicately remove both from the package so as to not even create the slightest tear or snag – it was as though she cherished the wrapping as much as she did what was underneath. Absolutely charming, right?

And so, as you play Santa this year (ho ho ho!), and stock up on festive paper, decorative ribbons, embellishments, and gift tags, I want to enchant you with a little “wrapper’s delight” via Sugar Paper and Rifle Paper Co. Two of the chicest stationery houses on the market, Sugar Paper and Rife Paper Co. have the most lovely wrapping paper and clever gift tags that will jazz up any holiday parcel so you too can captivate loved ones. Happy wrapping and happy holidays!

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