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Since welcoming our sweet son into the world, I have become even more conscious about the products we use, be it luxurious bubble bath, citrus infused cleaning spray, or even my favorite shimmered lip gloss. While perusing Goop recently (I’m on a bit of a Goop kick if you hadn’t noticed!), I came across a fabulous article about clean beauty, and it really resonated with me. We strive to eat mainly clean, organic foods (with the exception of a piece of indulgent chocolate cake everyone once in a while !)  so why wouldn’t we strive to use clean, non-toxic products? I of course began scouring the internet for such products and came to find a plethora of fabulous goods, especially in the makeup department. I’m slowly but surly replacing our current cleaning and beauty products for safer alternatives, and here are some of my favorites. Enjoy and would love to hear of any other brands that you adore!




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