Ask B: Declining My MIL’s Offers


Dear B, 

I love my mother-in-law (MIL), I really do. However she often tries to push things on me and I never know how to say no. For instance, we recently went shopping and she asked me to try on a skirt (we have very different taste), and it just wasn’t my style, so when I tried to say I wanted to pass, she insisted I have it and bought it for me! Now I of course feel obligated to wear it. I’m in search of a new hair stylist and she is now trying to make me go to her girl even though I have someone I want to try! How do I politely decline her offers without offending her?


Distraught Daughter-in-law


No need to be distraught my darling! I know it can be tricky to say no, especially when it is your husband’s mommy dearest! Here’s what I would do: you need to find the harmonious marriage of respectful, tactful, yet clear communication when declining her offer. Surely she has a kind heart and wants nothing more than to help her son’s true love, so it’s just a matter of handling the situation in the right manner. The next time she tries to have her stylist coif your curls, simply respond, “I really appreciate you offering to make an appointment for me with your stylist, however I just recently found a new girl who I am going to give a try. I’ll let you know if it doesn’t work out though!” Just remember, be respectful, tactful, and clear and you can’t go wrong. Good luck!

Coming Clean

Clean Beauty

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Since welcoming our sweet son into the world, I have become even more conscious about the products we use, be it luxurious bubble bath, citrus infused cleaning spray, or even my favorite shimmered lip gloss. While perusing Goop recently (I’m on a bit of a Goop kick if you hadn’t noticed!), I came across a fabulous article about clean beauty, and it really resonated with me. We strive to eat mainly clean, organic foods (with the exception of a piece of indulgent chocolate cake everyone once in a while !)  so why wouldn’t we strive to use clean, non-toxic products? I of course began scouring the internet for such products and came to find a plethora of fabulous goods, especially in the makeup department. I’m slowly but surly replacing our current cleaning and beauty products for safer alternatives, and here are some of my favorites. Enjoy and would love to hear of any other brands that you adore!




RSVP Etiquette


Have you ever hosted a fabulous party and to your surprise, a handful of unexpected guests arrived? Well dear readers this has happened to me a time or two so I can relate! I co-hosted a beautiful baby shower with my girlfriends last year, and as we all cooed over the precious little outfits and plush blankets for the sweet bundle of joy, the doorbell continued to ring, and nearly 10 unexpected guests arrived (they declined to RSVP). Of course we warmly invited them in and had planned ahead (always better to have too much!) so there were plenty of sparkling champagne and delicious petit fours. However, often times not RSVP’ing – say to a wedding for instance – can put the host or hostess in a bit of a pinch since an accurate headcount is needed before the nuptials take place. To help you shine like the gracious guest that you are and have your friends and family fawning over you for always RSVPing on time, follow these quick RSVP etiquette tips. Enjoy!


Quick Tips

RSVP Etiquette


Always, always, always RSVP

Once you receive an invitation, RSVP ASAP (before/by the date listed)

If you can’t confirm your attendance by the RSVP date, contact the host and ask if you can have a bit more time before you RSVP

If the invitation says “regrets only,” you only need to RSVP if you cannot attend

Double check the invitation before you RSVP for yourself and someone else (don’t assume you have a +1!) and avoid asking if you can bring a guest

RSVP in the way listed on the invite; For example, if the invite requests you call a phone number to RSVP, call the number instead of texting

If you RSVP’d “yes,”  uphold your commitment; if you need to cancel (due to illness, a family emergency, etc.), let the host know ASAP

If you RSVP’d “no,”  and plans change, stick to your initial response as you don’t want to put the host or hostess in an awkward position

If you’re RSVP’ing to a wedding, consider writing a thoughtful note to the bride and groom on the back of the response card