Sunday Supper: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Turkey Chili




Turkey and Black Bean Chili with Sweet Potatoes

 Super Simple Side Salad

Honey Wholewheat Cornbread

Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies 


For those of you lovely ladies (and gents!) who read the book I recently co-authored, you learned that Sunday night dinners at my grandparent’s house were a cherished childhood tradition. My grandmother, a true domestic diva, would orchestrate the most special evenings, punctuated by precious time together as a family. Those weekly dinners coupled with watching my mother’s innate skill for entertaining, truly fostered my love of cooking and gorgeous table settings. Fast forward to last Sunday, and as I thoughtfully prepared my grocery shopping list, I had an “ah ha!” moment and realized we needed to reinstate the Sunday night dinner tradition! My sweet husband and I decided Sunday nights would be a night for me to cook a more elaborate meal in hopes of replicating the ritual from when I was a little girl and make Sunday nights special again. And so, last Sunday I threw on my monogrammed apron and prepared a Gwyneth Paltrow inspired menu (we’re striving to eat healthy in 2015!) and dear readers, we savored every bite! I’ll be sharing some of our “Sunday Suppers” with you, and I hope you will give them a try. What’s on the menu for this icy winter weekend? I’m thinking bouillabaisse! Cheers to Friday!


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  1. Such a splendid supper! We enjoyed this chili so much this past Sunday – the perfect menu for a drizzly night in watching the Golden Globes to round out a great weekend. Instead of your cornbread I made a paleo, sweet “corn” bread – with no grains, dairy and sigh – no corn – and it was the best compliment. Coupled with your recipe, the meal was filling yet flavorful, and light. Thanks, MBB!