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When our beautiful baby boy was born last summer, my mom surprised me with the most exquisite necklace to celebrate his birth. Filled with intricate detail and elegance, the silver locket adorned with a sparkling diamond holds a picture of my husband and son, and is one of my most prized possessions. Ever since I received this gorgeous gift, I have been enamored with it, so I decided to do a little research on the designer, the ever stylish and brilliant Monica Rich Kosann. Monica, a true triple threat – photographer, jeweler and home accessory designer – strives to incorporate her clients’ most cherished memories into their daily lives and tell their unique stories in a customized way. Her stunning jewelry and home accessories can be found at Neimans and Bergdorfs among other retailers, and I know you are going to adore her as much as I do. And so, here is a Q&A with the fabulous Monica Rich Kosann.


When/how did you decide to marry your three passions (photography, jewelry design, interior design) and create your brand?

My lifelong love of art, design and photography led me first to become a fine art black & white portrait photographer, which I continue doing today using film and darkroom techniques. The personal nature and heirloom quality of my portraits were an inspiration for my interest in jewelry design, and along the way, I started creating lockets and charm bracelets to hold special photographs or personal messages. I began scouring antique shows and flea markets years ago for vintage lockets, cigarette cases, and powder compacts that could be adapted to hold family photographs. As demand for these unique pieces grew, I developed my own collection of jewelry and home accessories. I started creating my collection because of my belief that every woman has a story to tell.

What is the one thing you can’t live without?

My family photos of course!!

Where do you get your inspiration?

I’m inspired by everything from art, design and fashion to photography, flea markets and travel. No matter my inspiration of the moment my design process is always driven by one question: Can a woman give this piece of jewelry to her daughter in 20 years?

What’s your favorite piece that you’ve ever designed? 

Probably my gate locket collection. The inspiration comes from a photo I took awhile back – it is a girl behind a gate, looking so mysterious and soulful! Everyone asks me about her, and the locket is the same because you see something peeking out but cannot tell exactly what it is. Lockets are sexy! They are mysterious, it’s on a woman’s own terms if she chooses to share with you who or what is in her locket!

Describe your personal style, and favorite item in your closet.

I think I would say classic with an edge…right now I am obsessed with my Rick Owens leather jacket. I wear it with everything!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Everything in moderation……and i tell my kids that all the time…and of course my favorite saying CARPE DIEM!!

What is your most prized possession?

My charm bracelet, because it tells my story and my wedding band. They are the most treasured items. I wear my them every day.

I love how you design jewelry with the notion of “can I pass this down to my daughter?” in mind. What will you pass down to your daughters?


What are you working on now?

What am I NOT working on now is the question! New collections, a new book, I don’t do well with down time!

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