Social Etiquette: How to Apologize


It’s inevitable, at one time or another we all make mistakes – we say something we wish we hadn’t, accidentally forget a friend’s birthday, disappoint someone dear to our hearts, and the list goes on. While few will admit to a enjoying a delicious plate of crow, it’s important to take accountability and apologize when we are in the wrong or have hurt someone’s feelings. Remember, no one is perfect! Think of it this way – can you recall a time when you truly felt someone owed you a sincere sorry? Or perhaps were you the one who needed to swallow your pride and apologize? Either way, here are my tips for how to genuinely mend fences. Cheers to a great week!

Quick Tips

Apology Do's and Don'ts


Do apologize ASAP, however apologies are better late than never!

Don’t apologize and then say “but” as this negates the entire apology

Do talk through the situation with the person so both parties can share their feelings

Don’t dwell on the mistake once you’ve apologized. Say your peace, hopefully find forgiveness, and move on!

Do promptly replace any items that you have broken or lost in addition to apologizing

Don’t ignore the mess-up and forgo apologizing. Instead have a slice of humble pie and say I’m sorry!

Do be sincere, kind, and thoughtful and consider bringing a peace-offering depending upon how big of an “oops” you’re fixing – think flowers, a box of homemade muffins, etc.


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