Ask B: Getting Maui’d



Dear B,

My fiancé and I have decided to get married in Maui and we are so excited about having a destination wedding! We have 10 people in our wedding party, and hope they can all make the journey to Hawaii.  That said, is it required that we pay for their travel?


Getting Maui’d

Dear Getting Maui’d,

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Maui is an absolutely gorgeous island, and will be an exquisite backdrop for your nuptials. As for your question, no, you are not required to pay for the wedding party’s airfare and accommodations, as each bridesmaid and groomsman is responsible for their own travel. Make sure you clearly communicate this to the wedding party though so there isn’t any confusion. Additionally, if you would like to pay for their hotel and flights, or if you know one of the attendants might need some financial assistance and you’re able to contribute, I’m sure they would be most grateful for your help.

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