How to Recover from a Foot-in-mouth Moment


I recently experienced a quintessential foot-in-mouth situation that I knew I just had to share with you, my dearest readers. Because let’s face it, we can all remember a time when we perhaps said something out of turn and instantly became overwhelmed with that sinking feeling of “oops!” So here’s my tale: While shopping one afternoon last week at a precious baby boutique, my sweet son sat patiently in the stroller, cooing and chortling at the other shoppers. One of the store’s sales associates walked up to us and said, “What a beautiful little girl! How old is she?” I casually laughed it off and let her know that she was mistaken and the beautiful child was in fact a bouncing baby boy. Now, she could have stopped right there and apologized for the mix-up, however she continued to dig herself deeper and deeper by saying, “Oh, well no offense, it’s how you’re dressing him. He looks like he is wearing a dress, so that’s why he looks like a girl.” Needless to say she left me speechless (and inspired to blog about our interaction!). Moral of the story? Certainly no one is perfect, and we have all made a conversational faux-pas at one time or another. However, it’s important to recognize a verbal blunder, and how to recover. And so, here are my tips! Enjoy and wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend ahead!

Quick Tips

Recovering from and Preventing Foot-In-Mouth Moments


Immediately take accountability and genuinely apologize for any offense caused

It’s great to have your own opinions, just be sure to be tactful and respectful when expressing them

Avoid saying “no offense,” as if you need to say this, the comment is probably offensive

Once you’ve addressed the blunder, change the subject (brush up on the art of small talk!) and move on

Avoid assumptions, rather wait for people to share their news

Strive to think before you speak!

When making small talk, stick to neutral topics – sports, weather, etc.




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