Ask B: Seating Chart SOS



Dear B,

I am hosting a birthday party (for couples) for a dear friend, and it will be a seated meal. I’d love to do place cards as you always suggest, however I’m stumped on how to arrange the seating chart. Any tips?


Holly Hostess


How fabulous you are throwing your friend a celebratory soirée and a very happy birthday to her! You are spot on with place cards, as this will put your guests at ease when searching for their seats. In terms of the actual seating chart, here are a few MBB tips to keep in mind as you choreograph your table. Also, here are some elegant and classic place cards to consider in case you are still on the hunt!

  • To encourage engagement with the entire table, seat boy-girl (*note you can still keep couples together this way)
  • Play matchmaker and seat people with common interests together
  • Seat yourself close to the kitchen so you can hop up and tend to the food, assist the caterer if applicable, etc.
  • Seat extroverts next to introverts
  • To help align the puzzle pieces of the seating chart, draw the table on a piece of paper, and write guest’s names on little post-its so you can arrange and re-arrange until you have the right configuration

Reese Witherspoon’s Southern Charm



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Happy Monday and I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend! Last week the ever elegant and adorable Reese Witherspoon  launched a charming new lifestyle line, Draper James, inspired by her southern roots (she was born in Nashville, ya’ll!). Named after her grandparents, Dorothea Draper and William James Witherspoon, the line features a fabulous mix of clothing, home decor, gifts, and accessories all channeling her love of the south, and I for one am tickled pink about her new venture! The exquisitely designed site will capture your heart immediately, with inspiring images and delectable recipes from recent parties that she has hosted to monogrammed cocktail napkins to darling “Southernisms” like “Am I overdressed? Yes. Oh good.” I rounded up a few of my favorite goodies from Draper James, and cheers to the week ahead!

Mother’s Day Gifts She Will Adore

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 EarringsClutchPJsSandalsBookNapkinsTrayFrameNotebookValetBoxCookies • Body SouffléPerfumeBath CubesBody Oil


Mother’s Day is this Sunday (hooray for all the mamas and mamas-to-be out there!) and is of course such a special day. Whether cheering you on, wiping your tears, or teaching you invaluable life lessons, your mom truly is a real life super hero. I’m beyond blessed to have an amazing mother who I admire and adore, and I’m thrilled to be celebrating with her this weekend. While I wish I could tell you what I have up my sleeves for my mom’s gorgeous gift, mum’s the word since she is reading this! However, have no fear, as I have created a curated selection of fabulous treats to inspire you as you pick the perfect present for your mommy dearest. Cheers to a wonderful week!