Ask B: How do I quit my job?


Dear B,

I desperately want and need to quit my job. The travel is constant, and my hours aren’t manageable anymore, as I am recently married and want to be home with my husband instead of at the office at midnight. I’ve enjoyed this job up until the last few months and don’t want to burn a bridge with my boss (I work for a well-known prestigious firm), how do I respectfully quit my job?


Overworked and Overwhelmed



How familiar your story sounds! I know many of us can relate to your situation of having a once fabulous job that you somehow seemed to outgrow. That said, I’m sure it’s been a great experience and a lovely coup for your resume. In terms of quitting, remember that you want to leave a lasting impression when you depart the company – one of respect and graciousness. My advice is to tell your boss ASAP (schedule a meeting for you two so you can deliver the news face-to-face), as it’s only courteous to give ample notice so a replacement may be found. Be sincere and positive, focusing on how much you have enjoyed your time with your team and clients, how much you have learned etc. It’s best not to complain or engage in any trash-talking of the company, as it’s this type of negative feedback that can burn bridges. Once the news has been shared, strive to spend your remaining days or weeks transitioning your projects while preserving a strong work ethic. Finally, hand write thank you notes and farewells to your boss and team. Good luck!

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